Risedale - a leading provider of specialist & residential health care

Our Values

Our work is guided and informed by our beliefs and commitment to our values:

We are a family

  • We are friendly and kind

  • We are approachable and helpful

  • We are dependable and reliable

  • We make connections with people

  • We care about people feeling comfortable and at home

  • We care about keeping everyone safe

  • We work together and support each other

  • We are loyal and want to be here

  • We are good listeners and treat each other with respect

We are competent

  • We have high standards

  • We do things properly

  • We care about best practice and quality

  • We try to deliver the care each person wants in the way they want it

  • We go the extra mile


We are well led

  • We are continually trying to improve

  • We treat people fairly

  • We behave with integrity

  • We are transparent

  • We care about following the rules

  • We care about our reputation

  • We are supportive



We invest in people

  • We believe in people

  • We recognise talent

  • We provide quality training

  • We provide opportunities at all levels

  • We enable people to upskill and progress

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