Risedale’s Philosophy is grounded in the commitment of providing ‘person centred’ care for the older person in a variety of contexts, according to individual need, following holistic multi-disciplinary assessment.

We believe that ‘person centred’ care embraces and respects the individual as a unique being, incorporating all aspects of a person’s lived life when planning care.

Highly motivated Management and Staff believe that each individual deserves a first class service, which is constantly monitored and evaluated against National and Organisational Standards, ensuring Quality Assurance is met.

The service provided reflects the Company’s aims and intentions: -

- To promote a person centred approach by placing the Resident at the ‘heart’ of their care, in liaison with family and / or significant others.
- Achieve, with regard to human relationships, the qualities of justice, respect, compassion, concern, trust and support.
- To enable Residents to achieve their full potential, based upon their own values and beliefs, with a continuity of care that reflects changing individual needs and wishes.
- To provide first class homely accommodation with a wide range of co-ordinated activities that fulfil and respect the social well-being of our Residents.
- The promotion of physical and mental well-being, using a multi-disciplinary approach when planning care.
- To respect the need for fulfilment of cultural and spiritual needs, encouraging active involvement with the wider community and, where applicable, the integration of religious services who will visit the Homes.
- To establish and maintain procedures that ‘safeguard’ our Residents’ rights relating to privacy, dignity, choice and confidentiality; especially so for those unable to communicate their needs.  In this instance, it is our belief that an open communication system be in place, allowing family / friends to liaise with Staff to ensure care is based upon Resident preferences rather than assumptions.
- When the time arrives, we aim to promote and facilitate a dignified death, offering support to the Resident and their loved ones.

Intrinsic to the fulfilment of our Philosophy is the continuous investment in Staff Training and Development; ensuring knowledge base is consistent with the high level of competence required from Staff.
We provide innovative and effective In-House Training Programmes and Resources for Staff of all disciplines, ensuring quality of care can be attained.

“An expanded perception is needed that takes into account the rich attributes of human life, such as the ability to think, create, rationalise, experience joy and learn.  Humans have limitless potential for growth, unfolding and being.”  (Miller 1992 p viii)

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