The Beech Unit within Risedale at Abbey Meadow offers dedicated quality care for 22 clients who require nursing services and assistance to support their behaviour.

The Beech Unit houses 22 large, single en-suite rooms each totalling 18m2.  The en-suite has an assisted shower with shower chair for clients to use independently or with support.  Each room is decorated in bright, modern colours and furnished in a vibrant manner and can be individualised to suit the clients’ preferences.

Service users have the choice of several communal areas, including two divided lounges, quiet room, and direct access to an enclosed sensory garden.

The large lounges are divided into two separate areas to allow service users small, quieter areas to spend time.  The lounge areas have a variety of chairs and settees to meet individual needs and several dining areas so clients can choose to sit with others or alone.

The corridor from the Beech Unit leads directly to an enclosed garden where clients can spend time away from the unit.  A sensory theme is also in place for clients to use as part of their therapeutic care.

We are committed to providing professional care and work alongside the service user and other professionals to meet their desired outcomes.

The unit is lead by two experienced senior nurses, one of which is a Registered Mental Health Nurse.  There are two qualified nurses on duty at all times.

Risedale use the Creative Intervention in Response to Untoward Situations, (C.I.T.R.U.S.), model which is accredited to B.I.L.D.  At Risedale we have a lead trainer and associate trainer.  Full in-house training for C.I.T.R.U.S. Level 1 is given to all staff who work on the Beech Unit.

Many of the clients have one-to-one staff allocations and permanent staff are recruited to these roles to ensure continuity of care and boundary parameters for the management of challenging behaviour.

Risedale employ a mental health nurse consultant who is an experienced assessor for the PCT to oversee the unit and ensure care plans are individualised and responsive.

A Psychotherapist is also employed by Risedale and he accepts referrals from residents, relatives and staff.

The unit will not directly accept clients who are removed from the community under a Section of the Mental Health Act 1983.

The unit is primarily used as a long term placement facility for use when clients have undergone a period of assessment and treatment within a secure facility and who are now judged ready for transfer to long term accommodation.  The unit will specialise in supporting clients who require management of behaviour that is not compatible with mainstream long term care provision.  Admission will only be approved following comprehensive assessment processes performed by a person competent and trained to undertake complex assessment procedures.

Each assessment will contain a review of current clients within the unit to ensure the compatibility of the potential client for the environment.  Risedale will not admit any client deemed to be incompatible or when their needs cannot be met by the facilities and resources within the home.  The home will support a vacancy rather than admit an inappropriate client.  Should issues arise with a placement following admission then Risedale will undertake to source a more suitable placement at the first available opportunity.